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Husker Tickets & Nebraska T-Shirts

Hundreds of Nebraska Cornhusker tickets, shirts, and clothes up for bid.

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Do you have a favorite Husker shirt?

December 18th, 2007 · No Comments


No matter where you live, all Nebraska fans seem to have a favorite Nebraska Cornhuskers shirt that they wear the most. For me, it is a red Nebraska shirt that has a football helmet on it, and written above in metallic looking letters it reads, “Nebraska Cornhuskers”. I usually wear this shirt when I go tailgating for football games. Speaking of tailgating…

Wearing my Husker shirt while tailgating is one of my favorite things to do! Sometimes I accidentally spill some beer on it, but I don’t worry. I can always wash my shirt and the stanky beer smell comes right out of the shirt, almost by magic. haha At other times, I have spilled ketchup from my hotdog or hamburger on my shirt. This requires a little more action on my part to keep my Nebraska shirt in its cleanest state.

As the saying goes, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness“. And boy, do I believe that especially when it comes to my favorite football team in the United States, the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Just as a side note, stay tuned to the HuskerAuctions blog for an upcoming post on another article of clothing that I like to keep clean (especially when I tailgate). This would be my Nebraska sweatshirt.

Another thing to keep in mind when cleaning your Husker shirt, is to definitely NOT use bleach. Yikes! That would put an unsightly pinkish stain on my shirt. I definately don’t want that to happen! I like to take great care of my lucky Nebraska shirts so they last as long as they can. Sometimes the shirts get a little threadbare from the frequent wearing and washing, but I think that gives them a little more character. All’s well that ends well.

Bo Pelini is the man, don’t you forget that. Best Husker coach yet!

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Nebraska Husker Shirts

December 17th, 2007 · 1 Comment


Every Husker fan knows that they like to support the Nebraska with wearing the coolest red or black tee shirt. HuskerAuctions.com is the perfect place to find the cheapest Husker shirt, and the coolest one too. At HuskerAuctions, you can browse over hundreds (yes hundreds!) of online auctions of the absolutely coolest and best Nebraska apparel.

Some of the varieties of Husker shirts that are available are red, black, white, and grey. Some of the Nebraska shirts simply have a “N” printed on it, symbolizing the “N” in Nebraska. Some have the “huskers” written in a script which is also appealing. Other shirts have footballs on them, or even a football helmet. Some recent deviations in Husker shirts center around the hiring of the new Nebraska football coach, Bo Pelini. Pelini used to coach for the LSU Tigers, but now he’s back in Nebraska. Welcome back Bo! ….I wonder what type of Husker shirt Pelini will wear. I imagine he wears a lot of different styles of shirts, depending on if he is at practice or at a game. He might even have a special “lucky” Husker shirt that he wears to church underneath his Sunday best.

Please go to the Husker Shirts page at HuskerAuctions.com to find the absolutely best deals on Nebraska shirts.

Go Big Red!



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HuskerAuctions.com has launched!

December 16th, 2007 · No Comments

Thanks so much for visiting HuskerAuctions.com!

Please check back to HuskerAuctions.com for the best deals on Nebraska football tickets, Husker shirts, Nebraska sweatshirts, and all other cornhusker realted merchandise.

In Osborne We Trust.

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