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2008 Nebraska Football Predictions

February 12th, 2008 · No Comments

Here are a variety of Nebraska football predictions from a few Husker Nation fans.

Don’t hold me to these, I will most likely change them before the season starts.

Let me start off by saying that I don’t think we lose that much from last year. Yes we lose those like Ruud and others, but most of them were under-achievers anyway. I think their backups looked as good or better then them.

Remember last year in the first half of a couple games. I think specifically the A&M game, the Texas game, the Kansas game and maybe more… Watson called the plays. We scored points. We looked GOOD until Callahan started calling the games again.

I think with Watson calling the plays we will be fine on O.

We lose some starters from a D that was very underachieving all year. Just about anyone is better the Coz.

What it all boils down to is this:
How fast can Bo turn around the defense?

If he can turn it around and turn into just somewhat of a good defense this year we will be solid. If he can work miracles and turn it into top 30 or top 20 then I would bow down to the Great Pelini 5 times a day.

I would say a good, safe prediction for next year is 8 wins.
My prediction: is 9 or 10 wins
If Bo works miracles: 11+ wins

Nebraska husker football team vs. Wake forest


In response:

I think Coach Pelini will get the defense working as he did when he was here. But he can only do so much with the talent he has to work with.

I really do not know that we lost a lot. If your not here to play, I don’t care how good you are suppose to be, most did not give the effort to win is my read. Pelini will play people that want to play and work hard at it. He is a motivator and we may see some very different people than what we expect. He is known for his defensive skills. He will not turn his back on that. I would rather have a player that wanted it more than anything going 110 percent every play than what we had last year. Effort, never say die attitude will make the difference some games.

I think we will win the games we are suppose to. Be close in most of the ones that are questionable, but he can not work miracles. We lose, badly to Texas Tech and Oklahoma and play Missouri and Kansas close, but lose is my guess. Va Tech is a chance, because they will not know what to expect from him that early in the season. There offense has not been to hot, so it could be a very even battle right down to the end.

I will be happy if I see effort from every single player. I don’t want to hear about our players in the bars after the games. I want total anger when they have lost. I want to see blackshirt play, or no black shirts awarded. I want intensity from the opening kick to the last second on the clock. If I see those things I will be happy with our team. I am not stuck on a certain number to satisfy me. Just a team that wants to win more than life itself. We see those things we will turn the corner soon. Maybe this year maybe not. But show those key ingredients and I will support them for ever.

My guess is 8-4 and going to a descent bowl. We will not win the North.


In response:

Thats it mad.gif I’ve had it up to here (holds hand up to middle of forehead) with people saying the Cyclones seriously suck. I’m going to let you in on a little secret here. Bo might end up being the greatest coach in Nebraska football history…matter of fact, I’m all for that…but not with the players he has on the team right now. It’s going to take a few years to change the mindset of mediocrity that Cally taught them.

“We lost a lot of our defensive starters… who cares? This just in: our defense was one of the worst in the country last year. Getting those guys off the field is a good thing. I’ve been waiting for years for Corey and Bo to graduate. We will have VERY significant defensive improvement this year and our offense will continue to roll.”

You bet you lost some starters…and if they weren’t the best you had in the stable why were they starting in the first place? That leads me to believe that, unless Cally is a total retard who had no intention of even trying to win, the starters who left were better than what was on the bench…so unless you get some recruits capable of starting from day one…it’s going to be a long season.

The only way NU is going to really make strides on defense and offense is with a complete attitude change. In the four years Cally was there the attitude went from “We’re gonna kill these guys” to “Who cares?”. Dominance to mediocrity to, finally, antipathy. Now you’re fully stocked with Cally players who are used to the Cally way of doing things…going out and hoping to win instead of knowing they are going to win. Playing good enough to get by….That attitude has got to change or you’re going nowhere. It’ll be interesting to see if Bo can motivate these guys or if the Cally era is too deeply ingrained in them to ever get them playing to their full potential. If it is, you may be waiting until Bo can get his own recruits in there before there is any return to prominence.

And ISU WILL take you guys out this year…it’s at Ames and it’s a leap year. We always win in Ames in games played in leap years. Check it out yourselves if you don’t believe me.

In response:

The problem with trying to guess about next season is this. We have no idea what kind of talent we really have on this team, because we had Callahan and Cosgrove coaching it. If Pelini can come it and put a huge-ass chip on the shoulder of every single player, and get the best possible effort out of them every single play, we could see a miraculous season. I personally feel we have talent on this team. We have speed, and we have the potential to do some amazing things. However Callahan had no aptitude for drawing out talent from great players, much less the ability to take average players and make them more. Pelini, so far as we’ve seen, has both.

Our offense crackled at times last year. If we can continue that pace with Ganz, improve the O-line and running game, and have a respectable defense, I see no reason we shouldn’t be right back in the Big XII Championship hunt. Our problems last year were mental, for the most part, and on defense a bit physical, too. But I don’t think I saw much that can’t be corrected by some good coaching and an attitude adjustment.

Go Big Red.

In response:

Okay, I know all of you are excited to hear what some random guy on a random message board has to say about the Huskers’ upcoming season, so here we go:

Western Michigan – Win (1-0)

San Jose State – Win (2-0)

New Mexico State – Win (3-0)

Virginia Tech – Win – Kansas beat them in the Orange Bowl. I think we will win against Kansas this season, so look at the explanation down below. (4-0)

Missouri – Loss – This is a tough one. Missouri should be a great team for the upcoming season, but everyone also thought Nebraska was going to be a great team in 2007 and look what happened. In my opinion, I think Mizzou will remain a great team and win the North again. Fortunately for Nebraska fans, the game will be much closer than 41 to 6. smile.gif (4-1)

Texas Tech – Loss – This is the first away game, and it will be against a very solid TT team. I just don’t think the Huskers have the speed on defense to keep up with the RR’s offense (unless the S&C drastically improves this during winter conditioning). (4-2)

Iowa State – Win – No explanation needed. (5-2)

Baylor – Win – See “Iowa State”. (6-2)

Oklahoma – Loss – The Big 12 will be pumping out alot of quality teams this season, OU being included in this group. Don’t think the Huskers will win, but they will put up a HUGE fight and the game will be fairly close. This is especially true since this game is towards the end of the season, and everything is figured out by now (i.e., which players will play which positions). (6-3)

Kansas – Win – Okay, so KU had a decent team last year. But in my opinion, it wasn’t as good as everyone thinks. The only good team they faced all year was Mizzou, and they lost to them. The rest of the teams they played were mediocre (i.e., CU, A&M), and they barely ended up winning against them. NU scored 39 points on them last season…and still lost! With a halfway decent defense, and the fact that this is a home game, I think KU is going to be in some trouble. (7-3)

Kansas State – Win – Josh who? Expect this Josh character to get roughed up big time in this game. Huskers roll over Kansas State Community College (8-3)

Colorado – Win – Home game against CU = Husker victory. Look, we were dominating them going into the half last season, and then our wonderful “defense” started to do what they did best last season…suck. I don’t think this game will even be close. (9-3)

Bowl game – Don’t know, depends on who we are against…

End of season before Bowl Game record: 9-3

I’m looking forward to the upcoming season. I’m mostly looking forward to see what the defense will look like once all players have been evaluated, and Bo and his assistants decide where each player should go. Samething goes for the offensive side of the ball, but in my opinion, the offense was fairly good last season.

Is it September yet?

In response:

i think parity has almost taken over the validity of the predictions of college football :

My 2008 Husker football predictions

first three games are must wins and basically scrimmages to hopefully “fine tune” the team

VT- they will be tougher than nails… I predict they’ll be a slight favorite in this game and it will be sort of the measuring stick for Bo and the team … in Lincoln I’ll say it’ll be a close game but VT wins

MU- this might be ugly… depending on the VT game… if they beat VT , look out MU.. if they lose,no matter what, MU has the advantage .. no question

TT- first roadie …. I don’t care … I think Bo and Co. come ready to bring it this game and they get the win

ISU – we saw how they played OU last year… I don’t think for one second we should overlook this team… I don’t care who’s coming back and who’s not

BU – just like the first three games… you just can’t overlook this team… period

OU- I think if they play to there full potential and OU has an off day we definitely have a chance here (OU always seems to have the most dominant team in the conference and eventually slips up and blows a game, kinda like ISU last year… hey it was close)

KU- they’ll be ready again, maybe undefeated, and NU will be in for a dog fight… I say NU by a score(so optimistic here)

KSU – is the third time a charm for Freeman ? I think he’ll have the toughest game in three tries

CU- they’ll win the game… it’ll be another dogfight and NU comes out on top at home

final regular season record 8-4

and a win in the bowl game 9-4 final record

Source: Huskerboard.com


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